CCTV Software

Web Camera Pro is a user-friendly cctv software that enables you to easily monitor and record video from webcams, IP cameras, and other surveillance equipment. Its advanced AI-based motion detector reduces the load on communication channels and cloud storage, making it an excellent choice for video recording.
Another standout feature of Web Camera Pro is its Video Surveillance Cloud. This hybrid cloud solution utilizes the software's real-time intelligent video analytics technology on the camera stream source side, providing you with even greater control and flexibility in your video surveillance operations.
The Web Camera Pro solution consists of a cloud server and a local application that can be installed on a phone, personal computer, or cloud camera. This innovative technology greatly reduces the load on communication channels and cloud storage, making it highly efficient.
Designed to seamlessly work with USB webcams or IP cameras, Web Camera Pro is a comprehensive webcam software solution that provides a range of features for online security monitoring. With object detection, motion detection, event-triggered and time-lapse recording, remote viewing, and facial recognition capabilities, this software offers enhanced protection for homes and businesses.

FTP Software

FTP Commander Deluxe is a robust FTP client that caters to Windows users. In contrast to other complex and overloaded FTP applications, this streamlined and user-friendly software makes file uploads and downloads effortless. Despite its small 700kb download size, this FTP client has all the essential features you require to manage your servers and files effectively. Its multithreading data transfer and folder and file synchronization capabilities make it a comprehensive solution for all your FTP requirements.
For those seeking a superior FTP experience, FTP Commander Deluxe provides all the necessary features to effectively manage files and servers. Its sleek interface, automatic connection retries, and robust file management capabilities make it an excellent choice. Give it a try to streamline your FTP tasks.

Offline Browser

Website eXtractor is an offline browsing software that allows users to download complete websites or specific parts to their computers. This program is ideal for individuals who wish to extract websites with digital images and data. With Website eXtractor, you can view the entire website offline and navigate through the saved pages rapidly, which is advantageous when processing data promptly is necessary.
Website eXtractor functions as an intelligent search robot that traverses the hyperlinks of the internet and downloads desired websites and pages to your hard drive. Its user-friendly interface includes a variety of features, making it an excellent tool for data mining and extraction. For instance, you can customize the software to download specific content types, like text, images, audio, or video files. You can also apply filters to exclude unwanted material or specify which pages to save and which to disregard. With Website eXtractor, you can download websites and perform data mining or extraction using other tools like DB Maker.

Maillist Software

Mailing List Deluxe is an indispensable tool for individuals seeking efficient and effective marketing and communication strategies. This Windows-based mail list software simplifies sending personalized messages to large audiences. It doesn't matter if you're looking to advertise a business, raise awareness for a cause, or simply maintain contact with a vast group of individuals - Mailing List Deluxe makes the process a breeze.
Mailing List Deluxe boasts a variety of features that make it a top choice for marketers and communicators. One such feature is its powerful personalization capability, allowing for tailored messages that can improve engagement and increase sales. From simple first-name addressing to location-based targeting, Mailing List Deluxe enables marketers to create personalized content at scale. In addition, the software can send personalized email shots to both current and potential customers, making it ideal for newsletters, ezines, and promotional materials. The software can also be used for public relations purposes, as press releases can be quickly and easily sent to the media.

Cloud Video Surveillance

With Video Surveillance Cloud, monitoring your home, pets, children, nanny, and other important assets is now possible from anywhere. The Web Camera Pro, in conjunction with the Surveillance Cloud, provides an effective and powerful solution to keep an eye on your loved ones and belongings. This software allows you to easily and conveniently ensure the safety and security of your home through your smartphone or computer.
With Web Camera Pro, you can easily stream and broadcast live videos from USB webcams, IP cameras, or your desktop screen for remote monitoring. Its RTMP feature enables you to broadcast directly on popular platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, USTREAM, and Facebook, offering you the freedom to choose when and where you want to stream.
Additionally, the software provides a time-lapse mode for recording, adding to its versatility and comprehensiveness as a webcam software solution.
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